District Curriculum Work in Progress

Project started Summer 2010 to comply with the New NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards Schools Curriculum and UBD Units

Overview Curriculum 2009 Standards

Technology/Business Visual & Performing Arts Language Arts Math
Elective Week - February 4th - download the pdf of courses    
    Balanced Literacy Guidelines K-5 Updated 2013  

Personal Finance CP

Finance Pacing


Select Choir CP

Chorus Pacing

Concert Choir Pacing

CP Chorus Pacing

CP Concert Choir Pacing

CP Select Choir Pacing

CP Show Choir Pacing

Kindergarten Literacy Curriculum 2013-2014 K-5 Math
3d Animation / Multimedia Introduction to Art Pacing Grade 1 English Language Arts Curriculum - Reading 2013 6-8 Math

Advanced 2d Art CP

Advanced Art Pacing

Introduction to CAD Pacing


Adv. CAD PC Pacing

Advanced 3D Art CP Grade 1 English Language Arts Curriculum - Writing 2013 9-12 Math

Architecture CP

Architecture CP Pacing

Band III Curriculum CP Grade 2 English Language Arts Curriculum - 2013  

Foundations of Technology

Foundations of Technology Pacing

Band IV Curriculum CP Grade 3 English Language Arts Curriculum - 2013  

Materials Processing

Advanced Materials Pacing

Materials I Pacing

CP Foods and Nutrition

Advanced CP Foods and Nutrition Pacing

Foodsand Nutrition I Pacing

Grade 4 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  

Elementary Tech Ed.

Elementary Grades 3, 4 Pacing

Elementary Grade 5 Pacing

Elementary Art Education

Art Grades K, 1, 2 Pacing

Art Grades 3,4,5 Pacing

Grade 5 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  
Grade 6 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14

Middle School Technology

HMS Tech 6th Grade Pacing

HMS Tech 7th Grade Pacing

Elementary Music Education

Elementary Music Pacing

Grade 7 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  

Middle School Digital Arts

Fine Arts Pacing

Digital Art Pacing

Middle School Fine Art Grade 8 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  
  Family Consumer Science Grade 9 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  
  Graphic Design II Pacing Grade 10 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  

TV Media I Pacing

TV Media II Pacing

Grade 11 English Language Arts Curriculum 2013-14  
Social Studies Pre-K World Language Science
College Prep World History Curriculum 2010 WL Level I Curriculum Grade 6 Earth Science
General World History Pacing Chart for Letter of the Week and Sight Words PK 10-11 WL Level II Curriculum 7th Grade Life Science
Honors World History Pre-K Unit-Study Pacing Chart 10-11 Spanish III Curriculum Grade 8 Physical Science
Spanish IV Curriculum
6th Grade Social Studies Curriculum   Italian III Curriculum Biology Curriculum
7th Grade Social Studies Curriculum   Italian IV Curriculum Chemistry Curriculum
8th grade Social Studies Curriculum   German III Curriculum  
Grade 10 Social Studies Curriculum   German IV Curriculum Grade 2 Science
Grade 11 Social Studies Curriculum   WL Grade 1 Curriculum Grade 3 Science
    WL Grade 2 Curriculum Grade 4 Science
    WL Grade 3 Curriculum Grade 5 Science
    WL Grade 4 Curriculum Anatomy and Physiology
    WL Grade 5 Curriculum Forensics
    WL Grade 6 Curriculum Grade 9 Physics
WL Grade 7 Curriculum
    WL Grade 8 Curriculum Grade 11 Physics
Kindergarten 1st Grade Blended Instrution (new)  
Kindergarten Pacing Writers Workshop Final 09-10 UbD Scholastic Science Curriculum

Blended Guidelines
Edmodo Questions and Videos
Genetics Webquest
Cell Life

Kindergarten Pacing Math 2010.final draft

Health Unit 1- Look Out
Health Unit 2- Head to Toe
Health Unit 3- Why Do We Eat
Health Unit 4- All About Medicine
Health Unit 5- Talk and Listen
Health Unit 6- Happy, Sad, and In Between
Health Unit 7- Drugs Are Trouble
Health Unit 8- Get Well Soon
Health Unit 9- How I Breathe
Health Unit 10- Every Day Play

US History
Revolution & Early America

World History
Religions of the World

Algebra 1
Exponential Functions
Linear Equations
Linear Equations & Graphing

Right Triangles & Trigonometry
WL Kindergarten Curriculum   First Grade
Representing Data
Neighborhood News
    Grade 5 Language Arts
About the Author Wiki
Google Earth ePals
Online Class Newspaper
    World Language
Understanding by Design Advertisement
Understanding by Design Art Awareness
Understanding by Design Relationships
Understanding by Design Who Are You
    Grade 8 Mathamatics
Integers and Absolute Values
    English II
Elements of Plot
    Discovery Science
Expository Writing
High Interest Reading
Persuasive Writing
Poetry Unit
Physical Education    
WES Physical Education Physical Education Grade 3, 5 Pacing  
WES Health Physical Education Grade 2 Pacing  
HMS Physical Education Physical Education Grade k & 1 Pacing Chart  
HMS Grade 6 Health Grade 12 Health Pacing  
HMS Grade 7 Health Grade 11 Health Pacing  
HMS Grade 8 Health Grade 4 Health Pacing  
HHS Fitness Grade 5 Health Pacing  
HHS Junior Health Grade 6 Health Pacing  
Sophomore Health Drivers Ed Pacing  
HHS Grade 9 PE 9th Grade Pacing  


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